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The Scrapbook Lecture …a collection of suspects.
The Scrapbook Lecture © 1980-2011 by Gary B. Haley
ISBNs: eBook 9780615371368, Paperback 9780984724604, Hardcover 9781957218991

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Alicen Scott (Nov. 19, 2013) - I really, REALLY enjoyed this book. I decided to read this book this week because living in Texas, you can’t turn on the TV right now without hearing about it being the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.

The Scrapbook Lecture tells the story of a college professor looking back on the assassination in 2038. He theorizes who could have wanted JFK dead and why. It takes a look at why there are so many conspiracy theories out there and the reasons behind them. The history in the book is real and correct, while the story itself is fiction.

I’m not really a big history fan, but this story kept me interested from the very first page. There are a few errors in the book (mostly commas) but I didn’t feel like they took away from the story at all. With the anniversary of the assassination right around the corner, I would definitely recommend this book to any person wanting to learn a little more about history and/or the JFK era of politics.

N. B. Couch (Colorado) - A real page turner! This is a must-read for anyone interested in one of the defining episodes in American history - the JFK assassination - or anyone interested in American history in general. The author brings to life a network of personalities and events and challenges you to think about the ways they might have interacted to produce one of the few true "where were you" moments in your lifetime.

Dejah Thoris (Texas) - If only they had history classes this interesting, informative and entertaining...

Jean Gechter (respected and admired retired teacher) - I just finished reading "The Scrapbook Lecture" …fascinating! It really gave me quite a bit to think about. I would have enjoyed history a lot more if it had been taught like this.

J. Barfoot (Colorado) - The Scrapbook Lecture - A VERY GOOD READ! This is a book that will keep you up all night because you have to put the pieces together and figure out who, in fact, did assassinate President John F. Kennedy. The author presents the various suspect scenarios in such a way as to captivate and hold interest from beginning to end. A definite must read for anyone who likes a historically based novel about a topic that remains unsolved for the past 46 years (unless, of course, you actually believe the Warren Commission).

David Curtin (Dallas) - Utterly Captivating! There are books you buy and consume in bites, a little here, a little there; and then there are books you devour all in one sitting. Be prepared to devour The Scrapbook Lecture. Crafted in a manner that draws you in deeper and deeper as the facts about the JFK assassination unfold, it is impossible to put down this captivating account of the lives of all those involved at the time. Will you learn something? Undoubtedly. Will you believe you know who committed the assassination? Only you'll be able to answer this, but you'll have a wealth of finely assembled and presented information, and understand fully why this book is impossible to put down. Let the investigation begin!

Kelly B. (Dallas) - This book provides so much insight and linking of actual events that may or may not explain what likely happened to our President, but it is action packed and completely impartial. It truly makes you question other theories and teaches us so much about our history in a very entertaining and engaging way. This book is a... fast read since you won't want to put it down and there is never a dull moment. I highly recommend this book to all readers including those that normally wouldn't pick up a book involving historical events.

The Scrapbook Lecture © 1980-2011 by Gary B. Haley
ISBNs: eBook 9780615371368, Paperback 9780984724604, Hardcover 9781957218991